Public Relations Portfolio 

We welcome the challenges you face and serve an open feast of beautifully set out solutions to complex problems faced by your brand. Whatever your business is, we pour our heart and passion into it, we use the right channels and methods to reach the right clients at the right time. With every marketing campaign that we drive, we tailor your story, uniqueness and identity.We specialized in fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle Public Relations planning and management.


Why us?

  • Diverse and professional team dedicated for PR and Marketing.

  • Connected with media, publications,print online and digital media television and Radio.

  • Promoting the brand and product placement expansion, pitching retail buyers on the right platform.

  • Create and custom events and activation In house entertainment solution matching with brand identity. Manage the event VIP and Media list of invitees.

  • Create a liaison with partners sponsorship barter opportunities for mutual benefits.